What is a Booster Club?

A Booster Club is a volunteer based organization that provides fundraising and volunteer support services to extracurricular programs such as sports, music and arts. Booster Clubs support both school and non-school based programs ranging from elementary through collegiate years as well as programs supporting semi and professional sports. Throughout the United States booster club eligible programs number in excess of 1 million and cover a wide spectrum of activities and sports.

The well organized booster club –
• Provides on average over 400 volunteer hours annually to programs.
• Provides an average over $12,000 in fundraising support annually to programs.
• Can be found supporting an average of 5 different programs in a high school, and
• Is a valuable resource to schools and extracurricular programs assisting with transportation, facility improvements, team uniforms, equipment and supplies and scholarships to name a few.

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