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The National Booster Club Training Council (NBCTC)

The National Booster Club Training Council (NBCTC), the National Governing Body for Booster Clubs throughout the United States, provides unparalleled guidance, education, training, and operational support to booster clubs and their program administrators. We bridge the gap between good intentions and tangible results, filling the void often left by continuous leadership turnover, lack of organizational knowledge, and financial challenges. Our mission is to build strong, productive organizations that foster positive relationships between booster club leaders, coaches, program administrators, and school officials across the United States.


As a nationwide voice for booster clubs, the NBCTC is dedicated to advocating for and supporting the interests of these vital organizations. We are committed to the growth and support of the booster club industry through educational initiatives, re-imaging campaigns, and strategic relationship-building with national, state, business, and community leaders.


To achieve our goals, we offer year-round, regionally held activities designed to empower and strengthen booster clubs. These activities include:


  • Training Seminars & Workshops – Booster U
  • Booster Basics & Best Practices
  • Accounting Fundamentals and Best Practices
  • Organizational Structure & Compliance
  • Concession Best Practices
  • Fundraising Fundamentals and Profitable Solutions  
  • Building Strong Membership & Volunteer Bases
  • Multi-Club Fundraising Campaigns
  • Community & State-Based Awareness Campaigns
  • Endorsements and Activities Supporting Civic Causes


As the industry’s leading provider of booster club training and best practices resources, our outstanding leadership team delivers relevant curricula in booster club management and operations. Our team’s extensive backgrounds and professional experience uniquely position us to help booster clubs and their overseers become more productive, compliant, and successful.


The NBCTC is the first and only Booster Club Association of its kind in the United States. We provide a national platform to address critical issues in booster club leadership, organization, fundraising, compliance, and volunteer coordination, ensuring long-term success and sustainability.


America’s Booster University, the NBCTC, is dedicated to energizing and focusing booster clubs nationwide for success. We’re empowering booster clubs from coast to coast to create compelling success stories.


Learn It. Apply It. Boost U!


We invite you to support our mission and explore how you or your company can get involved. Interested in working with the NBCTC or have a need we can assist with? Click Here.


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