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The NBCTC is working hard to save your booster club money!

The NBCTC is committed to providing booster clubs with the best services and programs available. We continue to develop relationships with insurance companies that will provide our members with the industries best insurance programs at the industries lowest rates. When we help your booster club save money on insurance, you are able to redirect those savings inward within your programs – exactly where the dollars need to stay!

Here is a highlight of the insurance policies and coverage’s NBCTC members have available. The following five discounted insurance programs are available only to NBCTC Members at the following discounted (yearly) rates.

Important Notice: The following policies are all Admitted Paper; which means they are all covered under the Department of Insurance and Guarantee Fund.

General Liability Insurance

$89.00 per year (Lowest Rate Nationwide).
Effective : All School Support Groups must also include the manditory Additional Insured rider for $25, which covers unlimited Additional Insureds.

Commercial General Liability insurance protection with limits of $1,000,000/$2,000,000 Per Occurrence/Annual Aggregate for each participating NBCTC Booster Club.

Did you know that the Booster Club President, and all other officers and directors of the Booster Club can be personally and individually named, in a lawsuit placing their personal assets at risk (home, vehicles, savings, attachment of future wages and earnings of both individual and spouse)?

Protect your personal assets, your Booster Club and your school district from the threat of financial loss and lawsuits. Booster Club insurance programs are specifically created for NBCTC Booster Clubs.

Bonding Insurance

$64.00 per year (Lowest Rate Nationwide)
Crime insurance protection including coverage for Employee Dishonesty (volunteers as employees), Forgery or Alteration, and Theft, Disappearance And Destruction Of Money And Securities.

Property Insurance

$100.00 per year
Business Personal Property replacement cost (new for old) insurance protection, which includes coverage for earthquake.

Accident Medical Insurance

$98.00 per year
Medical expense coverage which helps to avoid lawsuits and provides insurance coverage for out-of-pocket medical expenses resulting from an accident at a sponsored activity or covered event.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

$50.00 per year (Lowest Rate Nationwide)
Directors and Officers Liability insurance protection with limits of $1,000,000 Per Occurrence for each Booster Club.

Need to activate your insurance?

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