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Building Success Through Teamwork

Just like a winning team, your booster club thrives with expert guidance and support. The NBCTC excels in providing the education, training, and operational insights your club needs to succeed.

Whether your booster club supports a school or a non-school affiliated program, we are here for you. Our mission is to elevate your club’s performance, from enhancing your volunteer base to boosting your fundraising efforts.

Comprehensive Support for All Your Needs

NBCTC provides hands-on guidance and resources covering every aspect of booster club operations, including:

  • Organizational structure and compliance
  • Best practices for booster clubs
  • Leadership roles and responsibilities
  • Accounting practices
  • Insurance needs
  • Club forms and documents
  • Building relationships with coaches and administrators

Exclusive Membership Benefits

Industry Leadership: As the nationwide voice for booster clubs, NBCTC represents your interests and leads educational initiatives, re-imaging campaigns, and relationship building with leaders at all levels.


Yearly Compliance Reviews and Audits: Ensure your club is compliant and efficient with our comprehensive annual reviews and audits. We pinpoint areas for improvement and provide steps to keep your organization running smoothly.


Access to Essential Documents & Forms: Browse our extensive library of booster club documents and forms, available through your NBCTC Advisor.


Hands-On Support: Benefit from unlimited email/text support and, when needed, phone/zoom and face-to-face guidance and consultations with your NBCTC Advisor.


Discounted Insurance: Enjoy the lowest insurance premiums nationally negotiated by NBCTC from top industry providers.


Monthly Communications: Stay updated with monthly emails/texts containing booster club news, tips, and key “power building” topics.


Special Discounts: Take advantage of member-only discounts from leading providers nationwide by pooling the buying power of booster clubs.


Educational Workshops: Schedule customized 2-hour workshops at your school or community led by industry experts through Booster U.


Booster Summits: Attend full-day workshops covering compliance, accounting, legal issues, relationship building, and booster operations. These are open to club leaders, coaches, and school officials.


Membership Renewal Rewards: Receive guaranteed locked-in discounts on membership fees each renewal year starting from year two.


National Fundraising Programs: Access exclusive fundraising discounts and perks negotiated by NBCTC, along with expert guidance tailored to state-based programs.


Additional Privileges: Take advantage of exclusive opportunities designed to grow and expand your booster club further.

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