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Our Mission

Who We Are

The National Booster Club Training Council is a national association that exists to support booster clubs who endorse the values and life skills gained through participation in extracurricular programs that foster educational opportunities, encourage academic excellence and promote awareness of the values of the booster club.

Our Vision

To be a community-focused, quality driven organization, providing booster clubs with the guidance, education, training and operational support necessary to help them become stronger more productive assets for the programs they endorse.

Our Call to Action:

  • To Strengthen the booster club sector so that it can help to shoulder social responsibilities
  • Provide leadership and state-wide coordination
  • Empower booster clubs to meet higher standards
  • Enhance the educational experiences gained through extracurricular programs
  • Provide booster club directed support services
  • Recognize the special responsibility we have to children, and
  • Promote an environment where all are treated with fairness, respect and dignity

Our Values

Our Core Beliefs; What We Stand For

Respect: We will treat everyone with acceptance, valuing individual and cultural difference, and showing care and concern for others.

Integrity: We hold ourselves accountable to the highest standards for honesty, truthfulness and public service.

Cooperation: We join with others throughout Washington State to advance the interest of the booster club through activities that provide positive life experiences for participants.

Social Responsibility: We believe in being good neighbors and good citizens and encourage all employees, booster clubs and suppliers to join us in supporting deserving civic obligation.

Ethics: The National Booster Club Training Council was founded on integrity. Consistent with our “Dedication to Excellence”, our work will be good and our conduct beyond approach.

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