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The National Booster Club Training Council is currently seeking individuals (Club Advocates) to assist the training council in providing booster clubs with entry level support.

The role of the Club Advocate is to provide local booster clubs in your school, league or program with basic guidance, and support. As a Club Advocate you will help the NBCTC to disburse important industry related updates and notices, you will help to inform local booster clubs of upcoming events and activities, and to assist us in keeping informed of the needs of local booster clubs throughout your region.

As a Club Advocate you will be a part of a nationwide network of individuals assisting the NBCTC to insure that booster clubs, both large and small, throughout your region, receive the best support possible.

Benefits to becoming a Club Advocate –

  • You are provided a direct access to highly qualified NBCTC staff.
  • You become a voice of direction for helping the NBCTC develop training.
  • You play an important role in helping the NBCTC insure that booster clubs – both small and large receive ongoing support and guidance.
  • As a Club Advocate you are eligible to attend NBCTC regional strategy meetings.
  • You play a vital role in helping to elect NBCTC Regional Directors.
  • You will have special opportunities throughout the year to become involved in steering committees, focus groups, sounding boards as well as opportunities to personally meet with NBCTC officials.

Qualifications Requested –

  • We seek individuals who enjoy interacting with people and who understand the values and importance of the booster club.
  • We seek individuals who are currently involved with or who have recently been involved with booster clubs.
  • We seek individuals who are honest, accountable and who have a passion for helping make a difference.

Interested in becoming a Club Advocate? Click Here to submit our online form.

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