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You can make a difference!

Not only does your business membership provide direct support to booster clubs, membership is an opportunity to place your company in the spotlight and to let booster clubs and their supporters know you support their cause.

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The NBCTC Objective:

Working with businesses and community leaders the NBCTC seeks to establish partnerships that help us bring guidance, education, training and operational support to booster clubs supporting extracurricular programs throughout the United States.

You can help make a difference!
By becoming a Chartered Member with the NBCTC you will be showing your support to communities, parents, coaches, fellow business leaders and program supporters. Your involvement lets them know that your business supports extracurricular programs.

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of consumers have a more favorable impression of companies that support causes that they care about. of adults said that they would be more likely to buy a product associated with a cause they care about.

of consumers said they would switch brands to support a cause they cared about.

* The Cone/Roper Study


We are committed to success!
The NBCTC is dedicated to providing booster clubs with the best club building solutions available, including educational support, guidance on fundraising solutions, training workshops and classes, exclusive access to special industry discounts and savings, hands on guidance from trained club advisors and a complete portfolio of club building tools including sample documents such as letters, forms and contracts to name a few.

Not only does a business membership provide direct support to booster clubs, your membership in the NBCTC provides your business with a front row seat to share your products and services with booster clubs, their supporters, alumni, coaches and staff from throughout Washington State. Membership is an opportunity to place your company in the spotlight and to let booster clubs – and their supporters know you support their cause.

A business membership with the NBCTC is the starting point for building a successful and longstanding relationship with booster clubs year after year.

As a national association we support all booster clubs, at all levels, from all communities throughout the United States, these include both non-school, youth league and school based programs. Organizations that work to insure the continuation of extracurricular activities such as sports, music and the arts, and a market that is ready and waiting for your support.

If your company is truly interested in supporting the growth of extracurricular programs – membership with the NBCTC is the answer – the answer that offers unsurpassed rewards!

The National Booster Club Training Council is committed to assisting our business members with opportunities to realize a more consistent and rewarding relationship with booster clubs and their supporters. The following are some of the reasons why top companies are joining the NBCTC:

Membership Benefits & Return on Investment

• A full 12 months of opportunities to work with the NBCTC in promoting and exposing your business to booster clubs and their supporters throughout Washington State.

• Member in Good Standing Status – Your business will be listed on our approved vendor sheet and promoted through our website and offline promotional materials distributed to booster clubs throughout Washington State. In addition you will be provided the NBCTC logo, which can be used for promoting your position with NBCTC on your website and promotional materials. Booster Clubs know that a NBCTC Member in Good Standing is a business they can trust and patronize with confidence.

• Industry Leadership: The NBCTC provides our members with active leadership on important issues. The association provides consulting services, researches and reports and prepares position papers and statements that support and promote the booster club industry. Member companies frequently distribute NBCTC materials themselves as a value-added service to customers.

• Newfound Inquiries: We are in-front-of and in-touch-with booster club leaders, coaches, school administrators and program directors, which position us to bring your company newfound opportunities.

• Educational Programs: The core mission of the NBCTC is to help provide booster clubs with education and training. To this goal we provide our business members with opportunities to increase sales and enhance exposure to the booster club market through participation of workshops and meetings that address topics of keen interest to booster club operations. These programs are conducted throughout the state and supplemented by brochures, articles and other materials distributed throughout the year.

• Options of conducting special promotions through the NBCTC website and NBCTC events.

• Where do clubs go for ideas? The NBCTC! As a member of the NBCTC you will receive personal staff support to help insure your company information, promotions and campaigns receive the best possible placement and exposure to booster clubs and their leaders.

• Other Privileges: In addition to accessing the above members-only benefits, NBCTC membership includes a variety of privileges. These include opportunities designed to help you grow and expand your business relationship with booster clubs.

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