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Evaluation Rating Scale:
5 being the best and 1 being the worst


1. I learned a great deal from this workshop. Average response: 4.51
2. The session topics were very informative and helpful. Average response: 4.48
3. I would like to attend the next workshop in my area. Average Response: 4.51

Specific comments worth noting:

 • As an athletic administrator, the effectiveness and helpful nature of this workshop is second only to the AD’s workshop.
 • Thank you for doing this at a reasonable cost. Excellent.
 • Great job! We will be back!
 • Great event – let’s do it again.
 • Great workshop. I am glad you offered it. I received a lot of information. Need to do at least two a year.
 • This has been a very good use of my time. I’m so glad I attended.
 • This was a great workshop. Thank you for getting it on the schedule.
 • We need more of these sessions/workshops.
 • Would recommend holding this workshop at least once a year.
 • Need to continue offering this program in the future.
 • Should be done at least twice a year.
 • Outstanding workshop; very valuable information. Good idea. Keep it up!! Wish my AD had attended.
 • Extremely informative, good organization of topics.
 • Learned a lot of useful information and good tips.
 • Was under the impression it was only for sports but many booster clubs can benefit from this program.
 • Presenter extremely knowledgeable with a lot of great suggestions.

General Comments:

• Every booster advisor needs to attend this workshop – I learned so much about how to lead my booster club.

• I have coached for over 15 years and wish my booster clubs would have attended a workshop. The teachings are invaluable!

• I wasn’t sure what to expect before I attended the booster workshop, but the information I left with has helped our club immensely. I would highly recommend attending a workshop if you serve on a booster club committee.

• It was really nice for our booster club members to hear the facts from someone else other than our athletic director. This workshop was very much needed.

• Outstanding workshop; very valuable information. Good ideas. Keep it up!! Wish my AD had attended.

• This was a wonderful summit. Bring on more!! Thank you.

• This was a tremendous workshop. I would love to attend one for AD’s and coaches on what procedures schools are required to follow.

• As a district treasurer, this workshop was very good. It gave treasurers the opportunity to sit down with their respective athletic director and boosters to discuss potential pitfalls and hear it for themselves (rather from the “bearer of bad news”… aka-treasurer).

• I am the district treasurer and recently attended the workshop with the city school superintendent and athletic booster club president. At the conclusion of the event we had a 2
hour drive home and were all in agreement that the seminar was well worth our time. We all came back with a better perspective on our roles as boosters and district administrators.

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