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Fundraising has become a mainstay activity for booster clubs, and with hundreds of fundraising options the process of selecting the perfect fundraising program can easily become an impossible task.

To properly select the right fundraiser it requires a process where a wide selection of fundraiser’s are evaluated based on a series of matching criteria. Because of the extensive amount of time and research required this is traditionally prohibitive for the average group. In an effort to help booster clubs simplify this process the NBCTC has developed the Fundraising Analysis Program (FAP).

How is this done?
FAP takes into consideration a groups background, demographics, history, time-frame, needs and abilities, and it then matches the information with a series of data collected from fundraising programs, which then produces matches based on a points indicator. Unlike a traditional fundraising company, which only offers a limited number of fundraising programs, FAP matches your criteria with that of all types of fundraising programs from throughout the nation to help find the perfect matches. These include fundraising programs offered by leading fundraising programs and also do-it-yourself fundraiser’s your group can conduct.

The Bottom Line!
What this means for your booster club is that you insure that you are aligning with the right fundraising program for your group, which results in larger fundraising dollars from the same effort.

What We Do
Through the automated help from FAP your information is double checked by a qualified fundraising advisor, who will then produce a customized fundraising report that is emailed directly to you. This is a “non-biased” fundraising report, guaranteed to help your booster club align with qualified programs that will maximize your success.

Don’t Worry – We Only Refer Highly Qualified Fundraising Programs!
The NBCTC will only refer your booster club to companies who have met our Code of Ethical Standards and who have agreed to provide your group with exceptional service, compensation and benefits.

Want a customized FAP Report for your group?
Fill out the Fundraising Questionnaire below and we will put FAP to work to provide you with a customized fundraising report.


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