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Financial Awards (Scholarship)

The National Booster Club Training Council is committed to providing ALL booster clubs with the highest level of guidance, education, training and operational support possible, to this goal we stive to eliminate the financial barriers of membership through scholarships to deserving organizations meeting one of the following criteria:

  1. Booster Clubs supporting Title 1 school based programs
  2. Booster Clubs supporting inner city and/or low income programs, or
  3. Booster Clubs who are start-up (within the first 6 months of operations and/or pre-organizational status).

Financial awards are issued throughout the year, on an as available basis.

For financial support consideration booster clubs must:

  1. Submit a completed NBCTC Booster Club Membership Application, including
  2. A detailed request, including supplemental documentation as to why the booster club feels it needs a financial award.

Financial awards range from $50 to $195 and are deducted from the $195 yearly membership fee.

The National Booster Club Training Council
“Providing Booster Club – Guidance – Education – Training & Support”

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