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Non Profit Registrations

Filling Nonprofit

• Online filing is available at www.secstate.wa.gov.
• Online filling is available 24 hrs 7 days per week.
• Downloadable forms are also available at http://www.secstate.wa.gov/corps/OnlineApplicationForms.aspx.

Filling Requirements

• Name- Cannot include a for profit corporation ending (i.e. Incorporated, Corporation).
• Term of existence-Can be perpetual or you can give a specific number of years.
• Purpose-Explain what the non-profit will be doing.
• Dissolution-In the event of dissolution what will happen to the net assets.
• Registered agent-Must have a registered agent with a physical address in Washington State (Can be anyone 18 years or older)
• Name and address of Board of Directors
• Name, address, and signature of each incorporator
• File Articles of Incorporation with:

The Office of the Secretary Of State
801 Capital Way South
Olympia, WA 98504-0234

• The filling fee for a nonprofit organization is $30.00.
• To receive expedited service by mail, enclose $20 per entity (in addition to regular fees) and write “EXPEDITE” in bold letters on the outside of the envelope. It will be processed within two working days.

Charity Program

• If your nonprofit organization raises more than 25,000 from the public in any accounting year you may be required to register with the Charities Program of the Secretary of State. The website to file for the Charities Program is http://www.secstate.wa.gov/charities/.
• The requirements for registering for the Charities Program are available at http://www.secstate.wa.gov/charities/charities.aspx
• To register your nonprofit organization you need to go to https://corps.secstate.wa.gov/nonprofit/pages/startpage.aspx. Click on the start new button and follow the instructions.
• The address to mail in your application to register to the Charities:

P.O. Box 40234
Olympia, WA 98504-0234

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