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Success through Education & Training!

Booster University – Providing G.E.T.S. (Guidance, Education, Training & operational Support) to Booster Clubs and their leaders.

The Power of


We are the industries leading organization for providing booster club training and best practices guidance for school administrators and booster club officers.

We offer the booster club industries only platform that encompasses comprehensive booster club compliance and assessment reviews with step-by-step oversite and year-long corrective training with club, school and district evaluation reports.

Workshop Objectives – the 6 “E’s” 

  • Establish booster club fundamentals and best practices
  • Establish verifiable booster club compliance – district, state and federal
  • Establish best practices oversight and interaction with school administrators
  • Establish a system and process for minimizing risk and loss
  • Establish steps and processes for year-to-year transition and continuity
  • Establish oversite with ongoing training and compliance implementation

Two (2) Workshop Sessions Yearly:
March – June
September – November


Twice yearly workshops (Fall – Spring)

The Booster Compliance Platform provides each booster club with twice yearly workshops and year-long support with focus on insuring that booster clubs are following district, state and federal regulations and conducting activities with best practices to help minimize risks, liabilities and challenges – for ALL PARTIES!

No More Guessing! Minimize Risks – Liabilities

No more guessing! These workshops are focused on helping root out problems and deficiencies with the goal of putting booster clubs squarely on the right path to compliance and best practices.

Detailed Step-by-Step Compliance Reports

During the Compliance and Assessment Review, each booster club will complete an assessment report covering 21 topic areas, which will be used to create a unique compliance summary report that will include guideline procedures for insuring compliance and best practices at all levels; district/state/federal.

School and District Summary Reports

For workshops sponsored by a School or a School District, copies of each booster clubs Compliance and Assessment Reviews are provided to school and district administrators in summary format.

Ongoing Training and Support at ALL LEVELS

Booster Club Officers – School and District Administrators are all provided ongoing Guidance, Education, Training and Support from Trained Booster Club Advisors.

Compliance & Assessment Areas of Focus

  • Accounting 
  • Booster basics
  • Bylaws
  • Club Branding
  • Communications
  • Corporate Registrations
  • District, State and Federal Compliance
  • Elections – Nominations
  • End of Year Tasking
  • Fundraising
  • Insurance
  • Marketing
  • Meetings
  • Membership
  • Officer Duties and Descriptions
  • Officer Transition/Continuity
  • Recordkeeping
  • Risks and Liabilities
  • School District Relationships
  • Social Media
  • Taxes

Note: Topics covered throughout spring-fall workshops and year-long training-support sessions.

Workshop Locations

We encourage you to check back frequently as workshops sponsored by Schools and School Districts are given priority scheduling and are listed as they are scheduled. Community based workshops are posted on March 1 and September 1 of each year.

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Who Should Attend? 

Workshops are designed to provide the leadership guidance, educational training and club building resources necessary to help booster clubs become and remain compliant, expand and grow.

Workshops are open to all booster club and parent group officers, volunteers, school and club administrators, coaches and those interested in supporting the growth of booster clubs and extracurricular programs.

How Long Do The Workshops Last?

The Booster Basics and Compliance Workshops are 3 hour workshops with additional time allocated for an open floor Q&A session.

What Does It Cost To Attend A Workshop?

Workshop attendance fees are $35 for NBCTC members and $75 for Non-NBCTC members. All School and School District sponsored workshop attendee fees are based on the district agreement.

Where Are Workshops Located?

Workshops sponsored by Schools and School Districts are given schedule priority. Based on schedule openings workshops are regionally located throughout the state and offered twice annually (spring-fall) during the traditional school year to provide ease in attendance.

Interested in attending a Booster Basics and Compliance Workshop? Click Here

Schools and School Districts interested in sponsoring a Booster Basics and Compliance Workshop Click Here

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