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It’s all about Teamwork. Just like any winning extracurricular program (sports, music or arts) it takes a seasoned staff of expert coaches (leaders) to build success, and your booster club is no exception.

The NBCTC is the leader in providing booster club guidance, education, training and operational support – we are seasoned experts in the field of coaching booster clubs!

It doesn’t matter whether your booster club supports a school or a non-school affiliated program, we support all booster clubs – school, non-school and league based. Our focus is your booster club, and we will help you become more successful. From increasing your volunteer base to increasing your fundraising success, it doesn’t matter at what level your booster club is currently performing, the bottom line – we will help you become more successful.

In addition to helping enhance your performance in building stronger more active volunteer bases and improving upon your fundraising success, the NBCTC also provides our members with hands on guidance and resources covering all facets of the day-to-day operations of a booster club, these include:

  • organizational structure and compliance
  • booster club best practices
  • leadership roles and responsibilities,
  • accounting practices
  • understanding insurance needs
  • designing club forms and documents, and
  • building stronger relationships with coaches and school administrators.


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  • Industry Leadership: The NBCTC is a nationwide voice representing booster clubs and their interests. We are a full-time association, with full-time staff who are focused on the growth and support of the booster club industry. This includes spearheading educational initiatives, booster club re-imaging campaigns and relationship building with state, business and communities leaders.
  • Yearly Booster Club Compliance and Assessment Review-Audit: How does a booster club leader, school official or concerned parent know if their booster club is compliant and conducting business in an efficient and effective manner? The answer is a yearly booster club compliance and assessment review and audit. The NBCTC offers the only comprehensive compliance and assessment review on the market. Each member club is provided an annual review and audit to help evaluate and pin-point areas of concern and conflict, while providing guiding steps to keeping the organization running smoothly and in compliance with both district, state and federal guidelines.
  • Club Documents & Forms: Where do you find the right booster club document or form? The NBCTC has the answer. From sample membership forms to sample by-laws, NBCTC members have access via their Advisor to a library of club forms and documents covering all areas of booster club operations.
  • Hands on Support: Because books and guides can only do so much, NBCTC members receive hands on support from trained Advisors. This support includes unlimited email/text support and when appropriate phone and face-to-face support from your Advisor or a qualified NBCTC staff member.
  • Discounted Insurance: The NBCTC has negotiated the industries lowest insurance rates. NBCTC members receive the industries lowest premiums from industry leading insurance providers.Click Here to read more.
  • Booster Basics: Each month NBCTC members receive email/text communications covering booster club news, tips, pointers, and the months “power building” topic. Power building topics cover key club building areas of interest vital to all booster clubs.
  • Regional – National Discounts: It’s just common sense. When you bring together the buying power of booster clubs located in every community, both large and small we are able to negotiate special member only discounts with leading industry providers nationally.
  • Booster U Workshops: Education and training are the core focus of the NBCTC.
    • Booster Basics: Our members have the unique opportunity of scheduling “mini” 2-hour booster workshops right in their schools and communities. These workshops cover specific club building topics and are led by industry experts. When it comes to helping educate and train your booster club, Booster U is the answer.Click Here to read more.
    • Booster Summits: In partnership with fellow state and national associations the NBCTC leads full day, state based Booster Summit workshops that cover key industry topics such as compliance, accounting, legalese, do’s and don’ts, building relationships and basic booster operations. Open to both booster club leaders, coaches, school and district officials, the Booster Summit helps dispel the typical misconceptions and misunderstandings on how to manage, oversee and build a booster club while providing vital tips, pointers and key information.
  • Membership Renewal Rewards: NBCTC members in good standing are eligible to receive a 50% membership fee discount each renewal year (starting in year 2), resulting in a fixed membership fee rate with no increases.
  • National Fundraising Programs: Whether we like to admit it or not, fundraising is a vital activity for booster clubs as it helps to offset budget cutbacks, provide opportunities for participants and keep programs current and competitive. Because of our unique position the NBCTC is able to negotiate special discounts, extra compensation and additional fundraising perks for NBCTC members from fundraising companies nationwide. These are specials you won’t find anywhere else. In addition, we bring industry expertise and guidance to state-based fundraising programs with the goal of creating more rewarding opportunities for both the booster club and businesses throughout the state. Click Here to read more.
  • Other Privileges: In addition to accessing the above members-only benefits, NBCTC membership includes a variety of privileges. These include opportunities designed to help you grow and expand your booster club.

Membership is an Option!

Options are always a great freedom to have. You can choose to go it alone or you can take this opportunity to become members in the NBCTC and we will help you insure success – today and for years to come.

Join the NBCTC, and together, we will build a legacy!

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Each month the NBCTC sends out email/text communications covering booster club news, tips, pointers, and the months “power building” topic. These communications cover areas of interest and value for booster clubs at all levels.